Audio Visual Algebra was established in Jaunary 2012 by Mary Ann Benedetto and Paris Treantafeles as a label and design house for audio/visual production.

DRUM and SPACE is the original audio/visual project of outpt+paris. Mixing analogue beats with visions of cosmic travel, Drum and Space is an interstellar party on Earth.

HI-KONTRAST is a personal blog collecting my work and experiments in photography, video, design, and style. Follow HI-KONTRAST on tumblr for blog highlights and additional content.

outpt has been creating an ever-evolving, always energetic visual performance since 2009 using a variety of tools including Orbitr, Processing, Quartz Composer, and VDMX. View the full lists of shows, past and future.
Upcoming shows:
  ● The Bunker A/V Summer Sessions Part 2